Swu Bunker - Club Quarantine Edition!

Real world Dj / Live Performance gigs, until further notice, have come to a complete halt!

Time to open the portal and connect the best of both worlds!

For those that know me, Dj / Producing is my passion.

With more time to be creative, during the worldwide self quarantine and social distancing,
I'm going down into the Swu Bunker, opening up my Second Life portal, and shining some light on a few of my personal favorites in my record collection and my new music discoveries on Bandcamp.

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Swu Bunker - Club Quarantine Edition

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• Join Second Life for free if you want to go to the club.

If your enjoying the sounds and wish to support my efforts during the new normal, I'm using my Bandcamp music profile as a direct way for you to show your appreciation for what I do.

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"We recognize that plenty of music fans are also seeing their livelihoods disrupted by this virus, but if you’re lucky enough to be in a position to spare some funds (or find yourself in that position in the coming months), please consider sharing your good fortune by buying music and merchandise directly from artists on Bandcamp." - Bandcamp

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The SWU Discogs Marketplace is now open!

We are happy to announce that the Sonic Warriors United Vinyl / CD shop is now open!

The source of records/cds listed on the SWU Discogs profile and marketplace is supplied
from the combined private collections of

Denard Henry and Jana Clemen

With our collective years of record collecting, along with being experienced electronic music djs/producers, we're sure you'll find something special, while digging in our virtual creates.

We're constantly sorting/updating the SWU collection and marketplace. Each item listed has a deep/special meaning to us. Most items in our collection are doubles, and like most other djs/producers, we need to make space in our music library/studio.

We're sure you'll find something special to add to your basket.

Start shopping -

We're looking forward to assisting you and your interests...

Denard & Jana

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Liquid Sound Festival - Bad Schandau - Nov. 2 / 3, 2019

18. Liquid Sound Festival Toskana Therme Bad Schandau

Eintauchen und Abheben, Schwelgen und Schweben, Träumen und Tanzen …
Wie das zusammen geht, erfahren die Besucher des Liquid Sound Festivals
am 01./02. November in den Toskana Thermen Bad Sulza, Bad Schandau und Bad Orb.

Warm Up
Freitag 01.11.2019 Programm von 20:30 - 22:30 Uhr 

Highlight - Funny Hänsel & Manuel Manko
Preis: regulärer Thermeneintritt

-  -  -  -

Liquid Sound Festival - Highlights
Samstag 02.11.2019 - Sonntag 03.11.2019 Programm von 16:00 durch die Nacht bis 09:00 Uhr 

Funny Hänsel
Beats zum Tanzen, Hooks zum Träumen, Ohrwürmer für Herz & Kopf

Manuel Manko
raffinierte Analogsounds, die wie digital klingen 

Gäbhard & Cyberkinetix Dance
schwebefreundliche Elektronikmusik | Dance Performance von AndiX 

Matthias Zeller Konstellation
der Musikheld aus Dresden (Orgel, Geige, Piano etc.) mit zweifach choreografischer Begleitung

Delhia De France 
Die Ausnahmekünstlerin

Denard Henry aka Sonic Architect
Experimental Abstract IDM, Dub Techno Vibes

formerly known as Frank Braun & Stachy.Dj 

DJ Applepress


Liquid Sound Festival All Star Session
Wir wissen zwar nicht, wer mit wem zusammenspielt, wir wissen nur, dass es in den vergangenen Liquid Sound Festivals um Mitternacht zu großartigen Spontansessions kam.

Elke VJ Juladi - Interaktive Bildertänze in der Therme

Änderungen vorbehalten!
Preis: 5 € Festivalaufschlag auf alle Thermentickets im Veranstaltungszeitraum
(buchbar an der Thermenkasse)

Mit uns durch die lange Nacht - gültig von 02:00 - 09:00 Uhr. 
Preis: 17 € (erhältlich an der Thermenkasse)

Übernachtung im Hotel an der Therme
Sie suchen eine passende Übernachtung?
Das Hotel Elbresidenz an der Therme Bad Schandau ist nur 200m von der Toskana Therme entfernt. Bei einer Übernachtung im Hotel ist der Eintritt in die Toskana Therme inklusive!

-  -  -  -

Sie können direkt auf unserer - Website buchen!

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From the Archives! SWU Nite: Tresor, Berlin 2008

Tresor Floor enthusiasts get a treat: 
Sonic Warriors Denard Henry (a.k.a. Sonic Architect) and Jana Clemen (a.k.a. Abstract Soul) are into the total reconstruction of the electronic music scene, and their blend of techno, EBM, electro, and/or industrial speaks for itself. Their project Sprawl is the catalyst for their expression in this endeavour. Check this out!
Tresor club line-up January 2008.

Stream / Download Mix1Mix2 and Mix3 via Reverbnation Today!

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Limited back-stock supply of Cipher / Hematite 12" Vinyl via my Merchandise Page