Road trip to Stuttgart, Germany

Took a two day trip to Stuttgart very nice excursion and very much needed. Stayed at Hotel Bürkle do look it up when in town. The nite before updated my OS for my phone for a two day Road Test. Results. Made two playlist for the walk/shopping around town and took photo's with Built in Camera.

Ready for the City...
Hang'n out at Schlossplatz, Stuttgart, Christmas Market & Enjoying
warm mug of glühwein /sweet red wine very good this is a tradition around this time of season.
Top & Bottom photos show the Christmas Market.

Playlist for Day one:

Equinox - Pollux - Experimental Volume II

Thomas P. Heckmann - El Hazzared - Techno Body Music

The Klinik - Black Leather

Lassigue Bendthaus - Circulat [Hertz] - Matter

Anthony Rother - Back Home - Techno Body Music

Beroshima - Electronic Discussion - Various - 100% Chartstoffarm

Nin Kuji - Yume no kibun - Nin Kuji-++99

Borghesia - Ohm Sweet Ohm - Trans Slovenia Express

5F_55 - 4769 6D6D 6520 6D6F 7265 (Gimme More) - I

T-Raumschmiere - Querstromzerspaner (LFO RMX) - Techno Body Music

Lassigue Bendthaus - Inured (Pink Elln Mix) - Matter

Crunch-O-Matic - Earthquake.2 - Caution Do Not Play

++99 - Regressive riot - Nin Kuji-++99

David Caretta - Kill your Radio - Techno Body Music

Hilt - Get Out of the Grave, Alan - Call the Ambulance (Before I Hurt Myself)

The House Of Fix - Royal Blood - Hear Me Shine - 21st Century Fix (CD2)

Alec Empire - Electric Bodyrock - Intelligence And Sacrifice CD2

Alec Empire - Two Turntables And A Moog - Intelligence And Sacrifice CD2

Clock DVA - Solaris (Mimetoid) - Collective

Fad Gadget - Newsreel - Fireside Favourites

Fad Gadget - State of the Nation - Fireside Favourites

69 (Carl Craig) - Jam The Box - Lite Music

Meat Beat Manifesto - God O.D. (Part 1) - Storm the Studio

Meat Beat Manifesto - Strap Down (Part 1) - Storm the Studio

Pigface - Nutopia

Speedy J - balk acid - A Shocking Hobby

Speedy J - borax - A Shocking Hobby

A Split-Second - Rigor Mortis [LP Version] - Black Box WaxTrax! The First 13 Years Disc 2 of 3

Doubting Thomas - Father Don't Cry [LP Version] - Black Box WaxTrax! The First 13 Years Disc 2 of 3

VainQuer - Lyot - Tresor 2

X-102 - Mimas - Tresor 2

On the first day Finished off with Lp/12 shopping at Humpty Rec's, found some very nice gems. Felt good to be in a REAL Rec. Store than to order online, oh the good ol'day's.

After the greetings to Daniel & Olli lasted about 1 min. or less, Got hit with the BIG question:
Do you still use records?
For some reason i think people are forgetting that D.j software/hardware is a tool and don't let the software/hardware work you like a
Click here & center square here for why we have TS.

Photos Day Two Stuttgart

Train on left is a local RB & right ICE both German.

The two Fastest Trains in the E.U.
Left German ICE. Right French TGV
Stuttgart to Paris by train TGV in only 3½ hours English, German

3 spots of Graffiti in & Map of Schlossplatz Zone

Closing out day 2 at Fai Sushi

Can anyone give me a total: 2 beer's 6.00 euro sushi total?

Playlist for Day two:

100blumen - Punk was...Ansage - Flowers and Barricades

Modulate - Kommune 1 - Vol.5 Disc 1

ARPANET - No Boundry Condition - INTERTIAL FRAME

Die Fantastischen Vier - Krieger - Aphex Twin Baldhu Remix - live und direkt (direkt)

Acid Jesus - on the couch - Klang

The Kosmik Kommando - Extra Terrestrial Love Affair - Freaquenseize Disc 2


Pornotanz - Cysex - Technotic Effect

Voltage Control - Yatiyana - To an undefined public

Dapayk - niro - dapayk solo devil`s house

RaM - Normal Schoolday - Fundustrial V. 1.0

STAHLSCHLAG - Klanglehre (Screwhead Remix By Stainless.4571) - Fundustrial V. 1.0

Autechre - Yulquen - Amber

B12 - V.C.F. - Redcell : Stasis

B12 - Wastelands (Cektion) - Redcell : Stasis

Cabaret Voltaire - This is Our Religion - Listen Up with Cabaret Voltaire (disc 1)

Cabaret Voltaire - The Message - The Conversation (Disc 1)

Clock DVA - Voice Recognition Test (Cognitive) - Collective

Super Collider - Darn (Dawn of Lidell Mix) - Head On

Delerium - Of the Tribe - Reflections I

Glenn Underground - Tech-na-Logie - Elements of Jazz

Frontline Assembly - Testimony - State Of Mind

HAT - Kubrick - Tokyo - Frankfurt - New York

Intermix - Soviet Lows - Intermix

Chateau Flight & Bertrand Burgalat - Les Antipodes (Mix B1) - Les Antipodes 12"

Sandoz - Higher Than That - Chant to Jah

Up The Rotorbeat - The Gap - The Gap 12"

Exquisite Corpse - Honeymoon - KK Electrip Compilation

Hope And Kirk - Cop Out (LP Version) - BlackBox WaxTrax! Records The First 13 Years - Disc 1 of 3

Super Collider - Take Me Home (Walpole Dub) - Head On

In all rock'n stay in Stuttgart, people are very nice, helpful & beautiful City.
Looking forward to a return visit real soon.

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Road Testing Blackberry os v4.5.0.81

Well we took the plunge and installed the new OS for BlackBerry® 8310: v4.5.0.81 (Platform, we were running: v4.5.0.69 (Platform prior.

First thing we did was a backup of BB database and performed a backup of third party database.

For this test ran the device all day on one charge and using it as: main music source view Playlist (w/bluetooth stereo headphones), camera, texting, email, internet browsing, GPS & skype. Also running in the background is *memory cleaner .

*How to find Memory Cleaner. Go to >Options>Security Options>Memory Cleaning

The test went well, no problems with installed apps or browser functions. Here are a some photo's shot during the test. Had to restore some activation codes this is normal at times.

Found out that at 12% or so the network shuts down

no sms, BB messenger, calls anything involving your carrier, but the other functions on the phone still work mp3 player, camera, Bluetooth, making email drafts and so on.

Well I'm never really stranded for power i use this as a power backup

Simply insert a 1.5v AA battery in the charger and plug into your phone!
This charger lets you charge your phone's battery with regular AA batteries.

Now we are waiting to make the decision on what device is next for us: Bold or Storm.

[ Posted from Blackberry ]

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Productivity with a Blackberry

When I first bought my Blackberry curve 8310 [ update: Now using Blackberry Storm 2 ] the goal was and still is to keep it simple, email, " I have four accounts pushed to my BB " & productivity with a little fun on the side, for me that's my music and my DVD collection, no games.

I wanted more from my BB today screen so I went with PocketDay Professional here is a look at my start/today screen:


Update to V5.5.0.3/os Base 4.5

on Feb. 18th 2009. UI basically the same, seems to take up a little more screen real estate, I must scroll down for: to do, missed calls & memos, that's o.k. Liking the fact it allows me to switch between my color preference in V5.4.1.6 to complete black background in V5.5.0.3 nice.

With PD you can assign up to 15 Mapped App hot keys, pretty good for quick access.

For Daily Alarms I use BBSmart Alarms Pro. I not only use this for "Alarms", I have one Alarm programmed for my German mp3 lessons triggered for the last 30 min. of our weekly workout.

For Daily reminders ZenMinder it allows me to set up all my reminders and alerts without having them added to my BlackBerry calendar. Keeping my calendar uncluttered with just the important information I need to focus on.

During our weekly workout to be sure we are spending the allotted time for jogging I have go time it, this is set for the total jogging workout time and has a nice function, Alarm Interval, so i have a tone /vibrate to go off at 20 min into the workout, to kind of have a mark to how we are progressing during our route, setting land marks on the way, also tone /vibrate for when we've completed our jogging time.

I use Google Sync to sync / share
His/Her Calenders + Sonic Warriors United Shows.

When multitasking sometimes you hate to leave a program to delete or just see who the incoming e-mail is from. I've installed a nice little app called peekawho it helps me keep my inbox clean & if something needs my attention i can jump to it from the pop up that it provides.

MessageScheduler mainly for posting *monthly emails a very handy app. * but if you do a battery pull, you have to reset the schedule for your posts.

When on the road i use
IM+ for Skype
mainly for chat at the moment, waiting for a BlackBerry with a function to do hand over calls over Wifi for the call function in this app.

Daily Blogging / Micro Blogging:

I'm using Blogger's email function to upload drafts of new blogs.

For Twitter I use Socialscope & TwitPic for photos within Twitter.

When I want to take photos off my Blackberry after a long weekend and away from the Pc + organizing them from my BB in our online photostream / sets I use Flickr for BlackBerry

Here is something I've recently started to enjoy, taking screen shots of my BlackBerry with CaptureIt. Here are some of my examples: Road Testing Blackberry OS here and for sharing on TwitPic Capture 1, TwitPic Capture 2.

So, this is how I get thing's done, I would like to hear from you on what you think and what's on your Blackberry, leave a comment, till then take care.

Listening to: 5F-X - C12H22O11 Oxygen

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Studio Snacks, What's in the Bag?

Just received a nice supply of Walkers Chips. I've read it's best if you are working stationary, not to eat from a garbage bag size of chip/snacks, but to have your snacks in small portions.

So we are sorting this HUGE 28 Flavor bag of Walkers chips and rationing them between us. We ♥ the Prawn Cocktail assortment.

Just to give you the scale, that's The Jackofficers - Digital Dump Cd, Electronic Project that features: Gibby Haynes/
Jeffrey Pinkus of Butthole Surfers.

The Jackofficers is one of the Hundreds of Cd's i brought back with me this past summer, after buying Traktor Scratch
for the S.W.U. Tour. Still need to get the rest of my Cd collection from storage & convert them to Mp3 format, so many Cd's, HUGE task!

When flipping the Cd open i see I've marked, 5 trax out of 11, i played very often back in the day.

For my Radio show on WPRB 103.3 "The Metal Machine Music Show", it was tracks:

1. Love-O-Maniac

6. Swingers Club

9. Don't Touch That

For the Clubs it was tracks:

5. Do it.

8. #6

Re-listening to the Cd, It has the feel of Tack Head
with Butthole Surfers flavor, crazy fitting samples with Electronic twang.

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Life Balance

Three (x) a week Jana Clemen & I workout to stay fit for our long weekends & Sonic Warriors United Show Schedule and to make the best of it
we bring along our

[**] BlackBerry Curve 8310 Image Hosted by

w/Bluetooth Stereo Headset (A2DP) function and our Motorola S9 Stereo headset's Image Hosted by for music and the occasional phone call while working out or in case an emergency call for a taxi if needed ;-)

[**] upgraded to BlackBerry 9520 Storm 2 and applying the same routine.

The playlist function in the Blackberry works very well, but it was not always like that, when we first bought the 8310 it came shipped with OS v4.1 and didn't have the function for playlist, so a third party music player w/playlist was needed, we waited. We didn't have to wait long before a OS update was released " Rock'n OS now"and the playlist function was added along with other features.

The playlist function is very important to us because we are able to probe selected bought Mp3's & ripped copies of our large Cd collection [ small example here ] to Mp3 format, for our Traktor
Scratch Dj program

Image Hosted by which we use in our performance along with 12" records.

Yes we are that breed of Dj's that adapted the technology & haven't abandon the 12" vinyl market.

We edit the Traktor Scratch folder on our Blackberries during and/or after our run, then copy the tracks to the Laptop Traktor Scratch folder and we're ready with electronic classics & new releases.

We try to take advantage of the little time we have to be as productive as possible. With all the little thing's life can throw at you during the week, sometimes you just don't have the time to troll through 12"s and Mp3's at the same time for a gig, so with the above items it makes this more of a joy to stay fit and on top of our game.

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A few weeks back i was listening to National Public Radios Program: Science Friday, about the Cern-LHC, the world's largest particle physics laboratory, situated in the northwest suburbs of Geneva on the Franco-Swiss border, established in 1954 and how a Magnet Meltdown happened and delaying the project by a year.

Well, with any group project sometimes delays happen, but with good team work and focus on what the problems are, these delays are what bring out the best in the group, to focus and keep the project on course.

Image Hosted by

Now what does Cern-LHC have to do with music you ask, well the subject itself is amazing and a project that has twenty European member states, and is currently the workplace of approximately 2600 full-time employees, as well as some 7931 scientists and engineers (representing 500 universities and 80 nationalities).

Robert Henke of Monolake has put together a nice Sonic Signature dedicate to the Cern-LHC Project.

I really love the textures and the openness of this track. I looped the 7 min. titled song: Cern-LHC, you can download it from: Free Track of the Month [October 2008] here, to the 1:19:00 min. Stockshot HD 2008 video, that's just the way i am.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

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In the Cover of Darkness

[Deutsche Version unten]


Denard Henry & Jana Clemen September 2007 was the start "Sonic Warriors United" Project and with much interest in this Project we are now filling dates in Germany, U.S.A and all of Europe. We Plan a Tour Once a Year to bring this concept to points of interest and looking for interesting Clubs, Bars and Open Air venues to host some events. More Ideas/Comments are Welcomed.

Please Leave a Comment below.

Image Hosted by

Denard Henry & Jana Clemen im September 2007 war der Start des "Sonic Warriors United" Projekt.
Mit wachsenden Interesse in unser Konzept, füllen wir jetzt die Termine in Deutschland,U.S.A.und ganz Europa für die nächste Tour,die jeweils einmal im Jahr geplant ist. Wir freuen auf Eure Ideen/Kommentare.

Hinterlasst bitte einen Kommentar.

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Attention | Achtung U.S - European Friends

U.S - European Friends | Fans of Denard Henry & Sonic Warriors United.

[Deutsche Version unten]

Would you like to Join our Street Team? We are currently filling dates for our next Tour and would like to extend this opportunity to those who understand what we are about and find our project stimulating, to join forces with us.

We would really appreciate any assistance you can give us on spreading the word on our arrival in some of the key cities we have planned and for the new Tour & Cd "Sonic Warriors United" Vol.2. that's in the works.

The rewards will be worth it: Merchandise, Music, V.I.P, Guest list and more, but most of all Quality Performance | Events.

Image Hosted by

Möchtest du Teil unseres Street Team werden? Wir sind gerade in Planung unserer nächsten Tour Dates und würden gerne denen Möglichkeit geben, die verstehen worum es bei "Sonic Warriors United" geht und gerne an unserem Projekt teilhaben möchten.

Wir freuen uns auf jegliche Mitarbeit von eurer Seite, wie Promotion in den Cities, wo wir einen Tour Stop geplant haben und Promotion unserer geplanten Tour & Cd "Sonic Warriors United" Vol.2.

Eure Mitarbeit wird sich lohnen: Merchandise, Musik,V.I.P.,Gästeliste aber vorallem unvergesslich gute Veranstaltungen und Parties.

"when the talking stops, the music starts - wo die sprache aufhört, fängt die musik an"

-[ Keep leaving your sonic foot prints ]-

All is for you and your friends | Alles für dich und deine freunde.

..- -. .. - . -..


*Please don't forget to return your email Confirmation.

*Bitte vergiss nicht die "Bestätigungs-Email" zurückzusenden,nachdem du dich für die Mailingliste angemeldet hast.

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Sonic Maneuvers Suggestions

[Deutsche Version unten]

I want you to be a part of my site.

So please
if you have any ideas, questions, or even articles you would like to have published on here, Let Me Know, leave a Comment below.

Thank You.

Image Hosted by

Ich möchte,dass du Teil meiner Seite bist.

So, wenn du Ideen hast, Fragen, Artikel, die du auf dieser Seite veröffentlicht haben möchtest,

Bitte lass es mich wissen, hinterlasse einen Kommentar.


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Limited back-stock supply of Cipher / Hematite 12" Vinyl via my Merchandise Page