2010 in review and highlights for our new Sonic Seekers [ English and German Text ]

ENG Greetings from the Sonic Warriors United Bunker, we hope all is well on your side of the planet.

The holidays are upon us. Everyone is sharing cosy feelings with friends, family and co-workers. The New Year is just around the corner as well. We hope everyone has a great time and remember...keep it safe during the festive season, others are counting on you.

The Sonic Seekers 2010 Tour has been one of reconnection, discoveries and new connections for the Sonic Warriors United crew. The first half of the Tour we ventured out over Germany with DJ sets and live performances in Berlin, Ingolstadt, Oberweißbach, Erfurt, Kassel, Eisenach, Jena, Unterweid, Dresden and Fulda, intertwined with radio mix & interview shows. We've reconnected with clubs and promoters that we've worked with in the past and also made connections with new clubs and promoters for future events. We've had scheduled live streams along the way Live from the SWU Bunker, as well as Second Life (SL) performances. Sonic Seekers Stage 1 and Stage 2 promotion details.

[Video highlights from Radebeul, Germany].

We're working on tour dates for 2011 and should have more information in upcoming SWU blog posts for you. If you know of interesting locations in your area please, let us know.

Along the way during the tour, crew members Denard Henry, Jana Clemen, Dean Freud and Chris (C-Dex) have discovered and made the jump, literally, inside the internet super highway, via Second Life (SL). We've been given a monthly residency at The Drome and have introduced the SWU fusion to a receptive crowd of regular and veteran SL residents.

There's a plethora of electronic music being represented in SL. We've setup up camp at Virtual Advisor as a spring board for our sonic base in the Metaverse. Participating in SL is not just an “inworld” experience, most if not all of the virtual clubs provide a shoutcast stream, so you can tune into the event with your computer's media player via a provided link, but there's nothing like the inworld chat or connections you can make while inworld.

Denard Henry has been invited to do DJ sets for the new inworld location INSPIRE ODYSSEY Dance and Particle Park. You can look forward to some nice eclectic sounds for this location as we'll have a time slot there on every 3rd Wednesday of the month. We are working things out at the moment, more info coming soon. Being that it's new, not much has been written about it yet. To give you some insight, just imagine a more hyped version of INSPIRE SPACE Park from the same crew / designers. You can tune in at 12pm SLT, 9pm CET, 3pm EST via your music / media player here.

...that's all for 2010. We wish everybody a happy & healthy New Year! We'll see you on the other side in our next blog post in January 2011.

GER Grüße aus dem Sonic Warriors United Bunker - Wir hoffen, dass auf eurer Seite des Planeten alles okay ist.

Die Feiertage kommen über uns: alle teilen dieses behagliche Gefühl mit ihren Freunden, ihrer Familie und den Mitarbeitern. Und auch das Neue Jahr schaut schon um die Ecke. Wir hoffen, dass alle eine schöne Zeit haben aber trotzdem nicht vergessen während der Feiertage aufzupassen – die anderen zählen auf euch.

Die Sonic Seekers Tour 2010 war eine der Wiederverbindungen, Entdeckungen und Neuverbindungen für die Crew. Die erste Hälfte der Tour haben wir durch Deutschland unternommen und dabei DJ-Sets und Live-Performances in Berlin, Ingolstadt, Oberweißbach, Erfurt, Kassel, Eisenach, Jena, Unterweid,Dresden und Fulda abgeliefert. Zwischendurch gab es Radio-Mixe und -Interviews. Wir haben wieder Kontakt mit Clubs und Veranstaltern aufgenommen, mit denen wir schon in der Vergangenheit gearbeitet haben und ebenso Verbindungen zu neuen Clubs und Veranstaltern für zukünftige Events geknüpft. Während dessen sind Live from the SWU Bunker sowie Auftritte in Second Life eingeplant. Stage 1 and Stage 2 promotion details.

[Video highlights from Radebeul, Germany].

Wir arbeiten gerade an tour dates für 2011 und sollten mehr Infos für Euch in der nächsten SWU Blog Post haben. Wenn Ihr interessante Lokations in Eurer Gegend kennt dann lasst es Uns bitte wissen.

Während der Tour entdeckten die Crew-Mitglieder Denard Henry, Jana Clemen, Dean Freud and Chris (C-Dex) den Internet Super-Highway in Form von Second Life (SL) und haben, im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes, den Sprung hinein gemacht. Wir haben einen monatlichen Platz im SL Club The Drome erhalten und einem empfänglichen Publikum aus regulären und alteingesessenen SL-Bewohnern die SWU-Mischung näher gebracht.

In SL wird jede Menge elektronische Musik präsentiert und wir hoffen dort der Crew einen Namen zu machen. Wir haben unsere Zelte bei Virtual Advisor aufgeschlagen, als dem Sprungbrett unserer akustischen Basis im Metaversum. Die Teilnahme an SL ist jedoch nicht nur ein „Innenwelt“-Erlebnis – die meisten, wenn nicht gar alle virtuelle Clubs bieten einen Shoutcast-Stream, sodass man sich mittels des computereigenen Media-Players über einen gebotenen Link zum Event hinzu schalten kann. Aber es gibt nichts wie einen Innenwelt-Chat oder die Kontakte, die man haben kann, wenn man drinnen ist.

Denard Henry wurde zu einem DJ-Sets eingeladen, das im neuen INSPIRE ODYSSEY Dance and Particle Park stattfand. In dieser Location könnt ihr euch auf vielseitige Musik freuen, da wir dort ein Zeitfenster an jedem 3. Mittwoch des Monats haben werden. Wir sind gerade noch dabei ein paar Dinge zu klären, mehr Infos dazu gibt es bald. Da die Location neu ist, wurde bisher nicht viel über sie geschrieben. Um einen Einblick zu bekommen, stellt euch einfach eine aufgepptere Version des INSPIRE SPACE Park vor, der von der selben Crew / den selben Designern ist. Ihr könnt euch um 24.00 (SLT), 21.00 (CET), 15.00 (EST) hier über euren Musik- / Medienplayer zuschalten.

...das war's für 2010. Wir wünschen allen eine glückliches & gesundes Neues Jahr! Wir sehen uns auf der anderen Seite in unserem nächsten blog post im Januar 2011.

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2010 the year of decisions, connections, growth and bonding with you

This was the year of social networking and mobile computing for me. There's a lot of sites and services I thought I wouldn't use, let alone even join. I even considered deleting a few I've been using for some time, but in the end I'm very happy with my decision to keep them all.

I've been able to reconnect with friends, make new ones along the way and in many ways introduce some of you to each other at this "Virtual Round Table" of sorts.

It was a full year of touring with the Sonic Warriors United crew for the Sonic Seekers Tour.
[Video highlights from Radebeul, Germany].

Discovered new ways of sharing our music and project with more of you in different time zones via
monthly live events such as D R I F T and the SWU Bunker broadcasts. Expect these avenues to be incorporated into our upcoming tours and personal gigs.

It was really nice meeting everyone during the tour and looking to maybe meeting up during the next scheduled events.

I've started digitizing my back catalog of 12", Lp and CD releases. You'll soon find them in some of your favorite online shops. Until that's all sorted you can grab a few tracks here. You can look forward to new musical productions to come your way as well.

I would like to send a BIG THANK YOU to all that have joined me on this sonic journey in the past, present and future. With your support and feedback on the above past activities and my
planned endeavors, I'm sure 2011 will have it's mile stones as well.

So be safe, take care and I'm looking forward to reading you in the comments and or the timeline via
"My Social Buttons" on the side bar.







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Raw and Rare! Video recording from the bunker.

Listen closely and you'll hear some nice rare trax.

My mix ov Techno • Rhythmic Industrial • Electro Beats and Atmospheres.

from one of the scheduled broadcast events from the
Sonic Warriors United Bunker.

Start Time and Live Chat details.

Hope you enjoy it, as much as I have in putting it together.

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Exclusive! Sonic Seekers Tour Video Highlights from Radebeul, Germany 2010

This is our 1st attempt of a on the road
Sonic Warriors United Tour video recording.

On board for this evening was
Dj's Menticide aka Imke Rolenz [Radebeul], Denard Henry aka Sonic Architect [SWU],
Jana Clemen aka Abstract Soul
[SWU] and Very Special live performance by <1979> [SWU].

The 2010 Tour was sectioned in two [2] parts:

Sonic Seekers Tour Start

Sonic Seekers SHOWCASE

We're hard at work on 2011 dates.
You can help in planning our dates by sharing our [ swu ] open dates with your local Club Owners and Promoters.
English and German Interactive Calendar | Kalender

See you on the road and thanks so much for your support!

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Sonic Warriors are still rolling...

ENG It was a busy year so far but we haven't finished yet. Our Warriors are still on the road of this year's Sonic Seekers Tour 2010. You can catch them in the clubs out there, at The Drome in Second Life or tune into the live stream straight out of the SWU Bunker. Check the dates on this flyer (click to enlarge them). We hope to see you around soon!

GER Bisher war es ein ziemlich geschäftiges Jahr aber wir haben es noch nicht abgeschlossen. Unsere Warrior sind noch immer unterwegs auf der diesjährigen Sonic Seekers Tour 2010. Ihr könnt sie da draussen in den Clubs antreffen, bei The Drome in Second Life oder euch in den Live Stream direkt aus dem SWU Bunker einklinken. Schaut nach den Dates in diesem Flyer (klickt darauf, um sie zu vergrößern). Wir hoffen euch bald anzutreffen!

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Nocturnal Brightness Podcast, Eclectic Mix.

More Mixes of Nocturnal Brightness Podcast in

Episode 003. Nocturnal Brightness, Eclectic Mix

1. Sprawl - Sonic Warriors United - Sonic Warriors United Compilation Vol.1
2. WB Loops - Vinyl Wunderwaffe Vol.1
3. Ancient Methods - First Method
5. DATACIDE - The Ritual of Transparency
6. Kosmik Kommando - Remember the Feeling
7. Denard Henry - Habitat ep - Vibe - Cipher 001

8. Lady Venom - Bass Me
9. Crunch-Ø-Matic - Cøm Theme (Cøm 1)
10. Erik the Viking - Flip2daSt
11. Simon Owen - (Audisan) - re-Evolution
12. Virtual Terrorist - Search And Destroy Initiative
13. Crunch-Ø-Matic - Earthquake.2

Video Vault digging & finding: Collective Behaviour on SuperBra

The song in this video "The Question" is taken from the 3 track 12 inch "Collective Behaviour" Alexi Delano aka A.D.N.Y. and I did for SuperBra: 

A. The Question
B1. Phuture Funk
B2. What Meets The Eye

How fitting, pun intended, to have this come out on SuperBra as it was produced at
Antique Boutique clothing store in N.Y.C.

That's right you read that correct. At the time the clothing store had a full music studio downstairs with class door. Two way viewing for artists and customers alike, with the option to be private of course. It was a very unique way of working. I had a blast working with Alexi and supporting Stefan Riesen to be "Super001" on SuperBra

While giving this a listen, see if you can answer the question below:

Do you know the sample in this track and where it might be from?

You can find more of my videos in
The Sonic Architect Video Vault Update

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Charts 12" • CD • Mp3

Want your Atmospheric | Rhythmic: Techno, Electro, EBM, Industrial Beats featured

in the Sonic Warriors United Nocturnal Brightness Podcast in iTunes & Podomatic Stream


SWU Event Dj sets?

Use our Dropbox. Thanks!

••••••••••• SWU •••••••••••

Du möchtest deine Atmospheric | Rhythmic: Techno, Electro, EBM, Industrial Beats im

Sonic Warriors United Nocturnal Brightness Podcast in iTunes & Podomatic Stream ge-featured


SWU Event Dj sets haben?

Benutze unsere Dropbox. Danke!

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Inspiration flow

It's good to look within. After making that connection within, looking up closes the deal to move forward. Looking inward, skyward and beyond.

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Upgrading the formula

Found the time to move our music library over to the new music only computer. We've had problems in the past with moving large file groups, but found this handy little file transfer called TeraCopy. So spent the evening and some part of the day sorting mp3's and installing software.

[ the 12 skipped files are duplicates from a test run ]

Having a dedicated system for solo music projects [check the right side panel for downloads], dj performance and Sprawl music production will help move things more smoothly in the direction we want now.

We continue to keep the balance between mp3 and 12" vinyl, enjoying both formats and the flexibility it gives us.

Up next, stripping down and building up the computer system the music files came from to be our streaming/recording only system for D R I F T and Live from the SWU Bunker.

Are you running multiple systems to do different music tasks or do you find having one computer system enough for your needs?

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Interactive Google Calendar | Kalender

Open Dates for Clubs, Promoters, Internet Radio and SL Mix Shows

[ d.h ] ~ Denard Henry's Open Dates

All events are programmed with intense
Rhythmic Industrial, Techno, Electro, EBM Beats and Atmospheres.

Please Select a Date and Contact us:

bookingswu [at] gmail [dot] com

Sonic Warriors United Concept for Promoters/Clubs in [ U.S / DE ] Text

[ Denard Henry: Current Videos, Music▼loads + Events ]

truly a man machine. Bruce Lee, playing ping pong & with matches

Real or not, Bruce Lee was a very disciplined human being. When one applies oneself anything is possible. [ Do try that at home ]

**Full version of the Bruce Lee Limited Edition Nokia N96 promotion ad + a shabby "making of video"

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Man in Motion

My personal favorite photo from the Flicker set:

Nocturnal Rhythm Tour, Unterweid, WMC Club, DE. April 25, 2009

I'm calling this one: Man in Motion.

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D R I F T @ The Drome July 2nd, 2010

D R I F T » Start Times: 2pm [CA] • 5pm [NYC] • 9pm [UK] • 10pm [DE] • Sat. 8am [.au] Share & Join us for this monthly metaverse event!

Live Music » Stream

The Drome, SL, » Teleport

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Monthly D R I F T at The Drome

First Friday of every Month World Wide Live Stream from the Drome

Live Stream from The Drome in Second Life.

Powered by Rhythmic Industrial, Electro, Techno Beats and Atmospheres

Start Times: 1pm [CA] • 4pm [NYC] • 9pm [UK] • 10pm [DE]

Share and Join us for this monthly event!

The Drome, SL » Teleport • Live Music » Stream

Don't have a Second Life account and just want event news? 
Join the D R I F T Group on Virtual Advisor

Download live Dj mixes from The Drome by

Jana Clemen aka Abstract Soul and Denard Henry aka Sonic Architect

Stay connected for unique Sonic Warriors United music events in Second Life 

via the Sonic Seekers Group.

Looking forward to seeing you inworld and your feedback about the show.

[ Denard Henry: Current Videos, Music▼loads + Events ]

Part of the Arsenal: Eventful and Demand it

As an Artist I'm always on the lookout for tools that can assist me with handling regions that are interested in my Music sets and Music Projects.

In comes "Eventful / Demand it" pretty effective site for handling Dates, showing the Cities / Countries of the Fans demanding you to perform in. Plus a small forum for you and your Fan Base to communicate.

It also provides a Performer Dashboard to

* Send messages to your fans
* Check your stats
* Analyze your marketing campaign

[**] Demand it widgets and Schedule widgets helping

* Plan your tour based on Demand
* Let your fans promote you
* Market and pre-sell to your demanders

As a Fan or just wanting to create a Page, you can focus on your Favorite: Events, Demands, Performers and Venues. Getting emails related to your chosen Performers Events in your hometown or for Cities you travel to the most. Pretty neat.

With the help of Twitter and Facebook Pages I've been able to get the word out about my Eventful / Demand it page. On Twitter I'm using the hashtags: #demand_dh , #demanding_sprawl and #demanding_swu for all things "Eventful / Demand it" feel free to Retweet in your network.

In this age of DIY promotion, having the right promotion tools are very important.

I think "Eventful / Demand it" if used regularly with proper social networking etiquette and with your audience understanding / involvement, can be very a effective campaign for getting Promoters, Clubs, Festivals and Open Air Events interested in your project by the show of raw numbers for their area.

Being that I don't have a proper " booking-agency " working on my behalf for my D.j/ Live Sets and Music Project [ If you know of a good one do let me know ] I would like to continue nurturing my page and would like to get some feed back on what you think about the site services:

Do you have a Page at "Eventful / Demand it"?

Do you like the interface of the site?

What would you change about the site?

Are you using the widgets for your Favorite Performers?

What do you like most about the site?

[**] send me links showing me how your using Demand it widgets and Schedule widgets.

Looking forward to your comments, links and ideas.

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1st Sonic Seekers Tour Stop: X-CLUB, OBERWEIßBACH



Detail Flyer View for Events Here | Hier

BlankBand website design

There will be people who will say,"don't mix this with that"


I'll say, watch me!

Defending the Underground with

Techno - Electro - Rhythmic Industrial Beats


Feeding Theater of the Mind.


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


Support Your Demand

Find your City here • Start a Demand for your City here.

Design your own Cyber Web Sticker here and Share it.

[ d.h ] Open Dates for

Club Owners, Promoters & Internet Radio Mix Shows


SWU Tour Recordings on iTunes & podomatic

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


Supporte Deinen Demand.

Finde deine Stadt hier • Starte einen Demand in deiner Stadt hier.

Gestalte deinen eigenen Cyber Web Sticker hier und Share it.

[ d.h ] Open Dates for

Club Owners, Promoters & Internet Radio Mix Shows


Thanks for your Support!

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Sonic Seekers Tour 2010


[Deutsche Version unten]


In 2007, the Sonic Warriors United project (SWU) was born out of love to the roots of electronic music and the knowledge and experience of more than 20 years of artistic engagement.

It's mission is the revitalisation of something that has fallen into oblivion since about 1991 when the scenes started to separate: the fusion of Techno, EBM, Electro and Industrial dance music.
It's about thrilling a new generation of Sonic Seekers with an excellent and unique mix of Old School and New School to rediscover a long lost musical feeling which is comprised of openness and tolerance.

It's time to get beyond the narrow-mindedness of some clubs and media who present the same music styles along stereotypical categories again and again. The roots and the future of the electronic dance music underground have their foundation in intensity and diversity of rhythms and sounds, that come to life only beyond pigeonholing and preconceived opinions.

Since the existence of Sonic Warriors United, more and more people have been fascinated and won over by this project. After having accomplished the very successful Nocturnal Rhythm Tour 2009, established and new Sonic Warriors from Europe and America continue their mission. As DJs and live acts, they step up to fight for the realization of these ideas and visions on the Sonic Seekers Tour 2010.

"Rhythmic Industrial, Electro,Techno Beats & Atmospheres

for a new Generation of Sonic Seekers"

RSVP for the Special "Live Stream from the SWU Bunker" Here


Complete Stage 1 Tour Flyer in Detail » FrontBack + Club Flyers Here

Get your Local Club/Promoter on board for Stage 2 of the SWU Tour Demand it!


Aus tiefer Verbundenheit mit den Wurzeln elektronischer Musik, dem Wissen und den Erfahrungen aus über 20 Jahren künstlerischer Arbeit, ist 2007 das Sonic Warriors United Projekt (SWU) hervorgegangen.

Sein Ziel ist die Wiederbelebung von etwas, dass seit etwa 1991 in Vergessenheit geriet, als sich die Szenen auseinander entwickelten - die Verschmelzung von Techno, EBM, Electro und Industrial-Tanzmusik. Es geht darum, eine neue Generation von Sonic Seekers mit einem erstklassigen Mix aus Old School und New School zu begeistern und ein lang verlorenes Musikgefühl neu zu entdecken, das durch Offenheit und Toleranz geprägt ist.

Es wird Zeit über die Engstirnigkeit mancher heutiger Medien und Clubs hinauszugehen, die immer die gleichen Musikstile in stereotypen Kategorien präsentieren. Die Wurzeln und die Zukunft des Undergrounds der elektronischen Tanzmusik liegen in der Intensität und Vielfalt von Rhythmus und Sound, wie sie nur jenseits von vorgefassten Meinungen und Schubladendenken erfahrbar sind.

Seit dem Bestehen von Sonic Warriors United konnten immer mehr Leute von dem Projekt fasziniert und überzeugt werden. Nach der überaus erfolgreichen Nocturnal Rhythm Tour 2009 setzen daher bewährte und neue Sonic Warriors aus Europa und Amerika ihre Mission fort. Sie treten als DJs und Live Acts an, um auf der Sonic Seekers Tour 2010 weiter für die Umsetzung dieser Ideen und Visionen zu kämpfen.

"Rhythmic Industrial, Electro,Techno Beats & Atmospheres

for a new Generation of Sonic Seekers"

RSVP für einen Special "Live Stream from the SWU Bunker" Hier


Complete Stage 1 Tour Flyer in Detail » FrontBack + Club Flyers Hier

Informiere interessierte Clubs/Veranstalter über Stage 2 der SWU Tour Demand it!

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Limited back-stock supply of Cipher / Hematite 12" Vinyl via my Merchandise Page