Nocturnal Rhythm Tour 2009, Merchandise, Free entry & Reduced price

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Hello wanted to give everyone a heads up,

We are launching a series of Street Team Missions for the Sonic Warriors United Tour and thought you might want to get your hands on some S.W.U. Merchandise and Tickets.

We have Dates Planned for U.S.A: N.J & N.Y. & Germany: Thueringen, Bayern, Sachsen & Hessen.

Tip: You can participate in all Street Team Missions to increase your chance of a win of Merchandise.
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**Please do not forget "Confirmation Email" to send back, after you registered for the Mailing list/Street team.

If your not in the area of the show you can give the free entry & reduced to someone in your social network some examples:
Reverbnation, Myspace, Imeem, Twitter and so on.

Reward: Sonic Warriors United Merchandise + 1 free entry & 4 reduced price.

Please help us promote our upcoming Shows / Sonic Warriors United Tour 2009.

Maybe we'll see you on the road and / or you'll go out styling with S.W.U. Merchandise...


Thank You For Your Time.

✔Erste / First Stop: Ohrakel - Ingolstadt

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into Your / Euer: myspace / web site / blog pages,
widget with TOP views


► S.W.U. Tour Merchandise + 1 free entry + 4 reduced price.


Hallo,wir wollten Euch mal auf etwas wichtiges aufmerksam machen,

wir starten gerade eine Serie von Street Team Missionen für die Sonic Warriors United Tour 2009 und dachten ihr hättet gerne von uns
S.W.U. Merchandise und Tickets.

Wir haben Parties geplant für die U.S.A.: New Jersey und New York City & Deutschland : Thüringen, Bayern, Sachsen und Hessen.

Tipp: Du kannst an allen Sonic Warriors United Tour 2009 Street Team Missionen teilnehmen,
um die Chance zu erhöhen, dass du gewinnst.

Join► [ 1 ], [ 2 ] & [ 3 ]

**Bitte vergiss nicht die "Bestätigungs-Email" zurückzusenden,nachdem du dich für die Mailingliste/Street Team
angemeldet hast.

Solltest du nicht an den Shows bei eventuellen Gewinn teilnehmen können, weil du zum Beispiel zu weit weg lebst, dann kannst du den freien Eintritt oder reduzierten Eintrittspreis an jemanden aus deinem sozialen Network verschenken, zum Beispiel von:
Reverbnation, Myspace, Imeem, Twitter u.s.w.

Gewinn: Sonic Warriors United Merchandise + 1 freier Eintritt + 4 reduzierte Eintrittskarten für deine Freunde.

Bitte helfe uns, unsere Shows der bald kommenden Sonic Warriors United Tour 2009 zu promoten.

Vielleicht sehen wir uns bald auf den Parties und/oder ihr seid bald aufgestylt mit unserem S.W.U. Merchandise.

( Viel Glück an Alle ! )

Danke für deine Zeit.


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Gleaned from ReverbNation: Weekend Starters.

I've made a Playlist of Artist I've found on ReverbNation, Major label / Unsigned, intertwined with some of my trax.

I have taken the time to find trax on ReverbNation the same way I would shop for records and I think it was worth the time and effort to put this playlist together to show my support for these selected Artist.

Many of them have downloads on their ReverbNation sites and the plan is to put these songs in heavy rotation.

I'm a D.j that uses 12" Records & Traktor Scatch NI, one must remember before you dismiss mp3 D.j'n, in order to be good at what you do you always need good tools and you must learn to adapt / apply. For some reason i think people are forgetting that D.j software/hardware is a tool and don't let the software/hardware work you like a TOOL.

So I hope you enjoy the playlist and do stop by the artist ReverbNation page let them know your feelings on the songs I picked for the player.

I will be updating this playlist monthly and if you like the music and would like a eclectic playlist for your blog/website you may want to click the SHARE Button and copy/paste and enjoy the fact that you are supporting something that gives the Artist control over their music.

What's your favorite 5 song's in this Playlist?

Here is my page on ReverbNation

Would love to hear from you on where you've posted the playlist on the web, if you have a ReverbNation site or not I'm always on the hunt, let me hear/see what you have.

Till Next Time!

-[ Keep leaving your sonic foot prints ]-

In True SWU Fusion

- .... . ... --- -. .. -.-. .- .-. -.-. .... .. - . -.-. -

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