Deep and Dark April 28 at The Base Project

Jumping in world and providing a Deep Dark Techno Set at The Base Project on Saturday.
Here's your Second Life Portal for the event.

For those just needing the world wide live stream keep an eye on my
 Facebook and Twitter timelines for live stream linkage!

My set starts at 10am [SLT/CA] / 7pm [CET] Start time for your side of the planet.

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Reaching the horizon...

The last months or so has been a whirlwind of new activity, emotions and personal evaluation. We're making plans for a move soon, into a new flat and meeting with the Architect for designing our living/studio/office space.

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Sonic Seekers Mission: March and April 2012 Winners!

Sending out Sonic Warriors United Merchandise to our new
Sonic Seekers Mission Winners!
Winner and featured Artist for April 1, 2012
Winner and featured Artist for March 2, 2012
Information for the next Sonic Seekers Mission » Here Hier

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Record Store Day April 21 Live Stream!

[English Text Below]

Zum Record-Store-Day am 21. April 2012 wird es bei uns ab 10.00 Uhr jede Menge exklusive Vinyl Releases anlässig des Events geben, mit denen ihr eure Sammlung verschönern könnt. Und um die Zeit des Stöberns noch interessanter zumachen, werden wir lokale und internationale Künstler für diverse Shows vor Ort haben.

Geplant sind 2 Live Acoustic Sets der "Kafkas" und diverse DJ-Sets mit u.a. Denard Henry aka Sonic Architect/New York, Ralle aka Chickenbone/Fulda und Verena aka Half-A-Twin! Das ganze wie immer 'Eintritt frei'!

Desweiteren richten wir einen special Live-Video/Music/Chat Stream von allen Aktivitäten via Internet ein, für alle, die nicht vor Ort sein können.

Wir würden uns freuen, mit euch den diesjährigen RSD2012 feiern zu können. Helft uns bitte, die Infos via Facebook zu teilen.

Vergesst nicht, den [ Join Crowd ] • [ Remind Me ] Knopf auf Ustream vor der Show zu pressen +Check-in und Chat mit uns via den Social Stream!

Also bis zum 21. April, live im Laden
Löherstraße 15, Fulda, 36037 oder via Stream im Internet!

Marleen Records
Ph. +49 0661 79478

This year on April 21, 2012 at 10am there'll be lots of exclusive RSD2012 vinyl releases to be found in our store that you can add to your collection! And while shopping, we'll have in-store entertainment supplied by local and international artist.

Scheduled this year we have music by the "Kafkas" [2 unplugged sets] +DJ's: Denard Henry aka Sonic Architect/New York, Ralle aka Chickenbone/Fulda and Verena aka Half-A-Twin! All 'free entrance'!

We're supplying a special live video/music/chat stream of the days activities for those of you outside our city limits.

We would like to celebrate RSD2012 with you and your friends, so help us get the word out via Facebook by sharing the RSD2012 event details.

Be sure and press the [ Join Crowd ] • [ Remind Me ] buttons at Ustream in advance of the show +Check-in and Chat via the Social Stream!

On April 21, 2012 we're looking forward to having you spend the day in the store
Löherstraße 15, Fulda, 36037 and chatting with you via our special online live stream for Marleen Records RSD2012 music event! See you soon!

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On the road to Berlin...

Late night packing, skyping, updating software and contacting friends in Berlin for our visit and my gig at Eschschloraque are done.

It's early and we have the Family compartment on the ICE/DB next to 1st class, very roomy and relaxing for the little one. We're ready for an exciting weekend :-]

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Eschschloraque, Berlin! April 12th:

Come early and stay late with D.j Sawax and I 
as we deliver a electrifying night powered by the fusion of 
Techno, Electro, Rhythmic Industrial, EBM Dance Music classics and future classics

April 12th
10pm • 22 Uhr

[ Sonic Warriors United stickers / buttons available this night at Eschschloraque while they last ]
Calling all Berlin Sonic Seekers, 3 Eschschloraque guest list spots left! Post your name in the comments.
An alle Berlin Sonic Seekers, 3 mal Eintritt frei für Eschschloraque! Sende deinen Namen im Kommentar.

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Limited back-stock supply of Cipher / Hematite 12" Vinyl via my Merchandise Page