The Best of Both Worlds: May 29!

Our guest Dj on May 29 at Inspire Dance Planet is 

Dj Aeryia

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Upcoming Gig's in May / Mai:

Upcoming Gig's:
☉ May 3, 2015 Operation:Mindwipe N.Y

 Event details

☉ May 8, 2015 Berlin, DE Eschschloraque

Event details

☉ May 9, 2015 Berlin, Behind the numbers

☉ May 29, 2015 Live from the Sonic Warriors United Bunker

Event details

☉ May 30, 2015 LAB 20/20

Event details

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Open Dates:
June 20 • July 4, 24 • August 8, 22.

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A     O  N  C  E     I  N     A     L  I  F  E  T  I  M  E     
I  N  D  U  S  T  R  I  A  L     M  U  S  I  C     E  X  P  E  R  I  E  N  C  E

18 different sound artists, on two continents, 3 countries, and 8 U.S. states SIMULTANEOUSLY performing. Featuring: Kim Cascone [Anechoicmedia], Evan Michelson [Obscura NYC], Mark Spybey [Dead Voices On Air], Keiko Uenishi [Share NYC] and Negativeland with 13 other sound/media artists that will remain classified until the Stage 2 event on May 3rd, which will also feature a special video set from Videopunks, a live dj set FROM GERMANY TO BROOKLYN by Dj Denard Henry and more surprises.

[the experiment]

(stage 1) This is a performance laboratory where the audience of 13 people will meet at a gather point, then be taken to a secret location in NYC to experience, while wearing blackout glasses, 45 minutes of sonic stimuli generated by 18 sound artists on two continents, 4 countries, and 8 U.S. states.

(stage 2) The following week they will attend a premier screening event to see a multi-camera production of the previous week's performance, eat tons of good food, excellent drinks [with or without alcohol], an artist meet & greet [featuring special live video set from Videopunks and a dj set LIVE & DIRECT FROM GERMANY TO BROOKLYN by DJ Denard Henry].

Tune-in here
2:30pm (est) • 8:00 pm (cet)
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Q&A session will be live streamed via Google Hangouts as well.
Event webpage:
FB event page

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