QXT's, NJ - November 21!

QXT's Presents
 Underground Sounds with Denard Henry & Jana Clemen aka Sprawl

November 21, 2015

248 Mulberry Street - Newark, NJ

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QXTs is New Jersey's longest running alternative dance club.

For over 20 years,  QXT's has given fans of alternative music a place to spend their Friday and Saturday nights, with each night offering a variety of musical genres including New Wave, 80s, Goth, Industrial, Dark Wave, Alternative, Deathrock, Punk and Rock. In addition to the spacious main dance floor, there are two additional rooms which have been dubbed Area 51 and The Crypt, each with a diverse musical flare, and a plethora of characters and personalities to compliment the inviting atmospheres. All three spaces also include a bar, giving patrons plenty of options for enjoying a drink in whichever space they find themselves most comfortable in.

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Bossa Nova Civic Club, NYC - Nov.19!

Path Records Label Announces:

 Full roster performing @ Bossa Nova Civic Club in BROOKLYN first time in 15 years!!!! 
A night of purity: mental, electronic and UNDERGROUND

November 19, 2015
1271 Myrtle Ave. Brooklyn NY

FREE at all times

Path Records was the Sonic Groove distributed imprint from the label's Reade Truth. It was created as an opportunity to develop and release RT's deepest, darkest and most electronic visions. As most material was recorded at the Zone of FX, a Jersey City based studio, the name of the label was derived from the main transit source between New York and New Jersey. The much hyped catalogue includes seminal releases from Reade Truth (including work under his pseudonyms "Fate 258" and "Caustic Everything"), "The Lotus Project" featuring EBM DJ legend Denard Henry, "Upsetting Keys" (absolute electro insnaity with technical guru Jake Reif) and of course, Richard Hinge who has recently announced new recordings coming soon on the hot "New York Trax" label amongst other surprises.

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Path Records is happy to announce that DJ Jana Clemen aka Abstract Soul will be joining us @ the launch of the first path records party Bossa Nova Civic Club the lineup keeps getting sicker!!!

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See ya' soon!

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LAB20/20 - Oct. 24 - Video & Stream Details!

Start Time: 11pm - 22 Uhr (CEST)
Time converter for your timezone is » here

• Audio & Visuals via » USTREAM

Visuals by filmreflex and Offener Kanal Fulda 

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• Audio Stream Only via the » SWU Bunker

Dj sets by:

■ Alex Mason - (Müller's Büro) + Live Interview by Yvonne Ludwig

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LAB20/20 Party Premiere at Café Panama » Location & Info (English / Deutsch Text)

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LAB20/20 Party Premiere!

( English Text Below )

Wir ( die Sonic Warriors United Crew ) haben uns gedacht, was kann man euch hier im hübschen, beschaulichen Fulda noch Außergewöhnliches für das Nachtleben bieten? Umgeben von so einigen kreativen Freunden mit den gleichen Ideen und Visionen lag die Antwort nahe. Wir haben kurzum alles auf einen Nenner gebracht....

Willkommen zur Premiere unserer ersten audio-visuellen Multimedia Show in Hessen!

DJ Sets by:

■ Alex Mason
- (Müller's Büro) + Live Interview by Yvonne Ludwig um 20.00 Uhr (☆)

Denard Henry aka Sonic Architect

Jana Clemen aka Abstract Soul

■ Live visuals by filmreflex und Offener Kanal Fulda

Location: Café Panama in Fulda, Germany. 24.Oktober 2015

(☆) Ihr möchtet VIP Gäste für unser Special ab 20.00 Uhr sein? ( Gast Künstler Interview, Meet & Greet, Willkommens Drink und anschliessend freien Eintritt zur Party ) Wir haben für euch 10 VIP Tickets im Marleen Records in Fulda hinterlegt! ( Maximum 2 Tickets pro Person/ Anfrage ).

Wir würden uns auf zahlreiches Teilen dieses ( Facebook - Google+ ) Events freuen.

Viel Glück und bis bald!

= = = =

 ( English Text )

We ( the Sonic Warriors United crew ) brainstormed: What can we offer the nightlife culture in Fulda? Surrounded by a lot of creative people with the same thoughts and visions, the answer was so close. So we brought everything down to a common denominator...

Welcome to our premiere audio-visual Multimedia show in Hessen!

DJ Sets by:

■ Alex Mason
- (Müller's Büro) + Live Interview by Yvonne Ludwig at 8pm (☆)

Denard Henry aka Sonic Architect

Jana Clemen aka Abstract Soul

■ Live visuals by filmreflex und Offener Kanal Fulda

Location: Café Panama in Fulda, Germany October 24,2015 .

(☆) Would you like to be a VIP guest for our special at 8pm?
( guest artist interview, meet & greet, welcome drink and free entry to the following party ) We have 10 VIP tickets at Marleen Records in Fulda ( Max. 2 tickets per-person / request ) for you.

Feel free to share our ( Facebook - Google+ ) events.

Good luck and cu soon!

= Live stream info http://bit.ly/AboutLAB2020

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LAB20/20 Location & Launch Date!

( Deutsch Text Hier )

Hello lovers of electronic sounds - this is the chance to experience your music online in a new way from Hessen (Germany)!

The Sonic Warriors United Crew (SWU) has joined forces with an excellent team of like-minded folks: movie makers, video artist (from filmreflex), sound technicians and engineers from media project center Open Channel Fulda and other creative and visionary musicians and journalists.

LAB20/20 will be a new platform for music, video, visuals and interviews with a clear focus on the many shades of the underground and its artists. It will inform you about new and interesting projects by local and international artists who may be newcomers or old cats of the electronic music scene.

Every show will be a live broadcast, hosted by DJs Denard Henry and Jana Clemen as well as a guest DJ or producer. Our guest will be interviewed in the studio by Yvonne Ludwig (SWU) and afterwards present his / her music to an audience together with our hosts. The archived recordings of the broadcast will be made available online later.

We are almost there! A series of tests full of inspirations and ideas lays behind us now. All our partners agree that the first official LAB20/20 show on Saturday, October 24, 2015 will be something special! It will be presented live from Café Panama in Fulda and will be broadcasted via live streams such as of Open Channel Fulda and Live From The SWU Bunker - a new experience for viewers, listeners, the party crowd and the LAB20/20 team!

How can you be part of this new musical experience? By becoming part of the LAB20/20 club night at Café Panama in Fulda via the live stream!  

Follow LAB20/20 via the social network of your choice (Facebook, Google+, Twitterto get information about dates and guests - and share this information with your friends!

[  • • • ]

Hallo ihr Liebhaber der elektronischen Sounds - hier ist die Gelegenheit eure Musik in Hessen auf neue Weise zu erleben!

Die Sonic Warriors United Crew (SWU) hat sich mit einem erstklassigen Team aus Gleichgesinnten zusammengetan: Filmemacher, Videoanimateure (u.a. von filmreflex), Soundtechniker, -tüftler und -ingenieure vom Medienprojektzentrum Offener Kanal Fulda sowie weitere kreative und visionäre Musiker und Journalisten.

LAB20/20 wird eine neue Musik-, Video-, Visuals-, und Interviewplattform mit klaren Fokus auf dem Facettenreichtum des Underground und dessen Künstlern. Sie will euch über interessante aktuelle Projekte von lokalen und internationalen Künstlern informieren, die entweder Newcomer, oder schon länger aktiver Teil der elektronischen Musikszene sind.

Jede Show wird eine Online-Liveübertragung sein, die von den DJs Denard Henry und Jana Clemen bestritten wird, sowie von einem weiteren Gast-DJ oder Produzenten. Dabei wird unser Gast im Studio von Yvonne Ludwig (SWU) interviewt, um anschliessend vor Publikum seine Musik zusammen mit den Gastgebern zu präsentieren. Die Mitschnitte der jeweiligen Sendung werden nachträglich Online zur Verfügung gestellt. Natürlich darf eine Party nicht fehlen, im Anschluss der Live Show wird in der Café Panama Bar zum Feiern und Abtanzen bis in die frühen Morgenstunden eingeladen.

Bald ist es soweit! Eine Reihe von Tests voller Inspirationen und Ideen liegt hinter uns. Alle Beteiligten sind sich einig, dass die erste offizielle LAB20/20 Show am Samstag, den 24. Oktober 2015 etwas ganz Besonderes sein wird! Sie wird live in verschiedenen Livestreams aus dem Cafe Panama in Fulda präsentiert und nur wenig später im Offenen Kanal Fulda und Live From The SWU Bunker ausgestrahlt - ein Erlebnis und eine neue Erfahrung für Zuschauer, Zuhörer, Party Crowd und das LAB20/20 Team!

Wie du Teil dieser Musikerfahrung werden kannst? Indem du Teil der LAB20/20 Clubnight im
 Café Panama von Fulda wirst!

Folgt LAB20/20 in den sozialen Netzwerken eurer Wahl (Facebook, Google+, Twitter), um Informationen zu Terminen und Gästen zu erhalten - und sagt es euren Freunden weiter!

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Lehmann Club, Stuttgart Aug. 1, 2015

 Müllers Büro presents: SONIC MANOVEURS

Feel the Art and Soul of Sonic Warriors United

Doors : 23.00 Uhr – 07.00

AK: 10 €

Lehmann Club, Breitscheidstr. 12, 70174 Stuttgart ( Map )

[ Facebook Event Page | Resident Advisor Event Page ]

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Upcoming Gig's: July - Aug. - Sept. - Oct. 2015

Upcoming Gig's:

☉ July 31, 2015 The Best Of Both Worlds (LIVE STREAM)

Event details

 ☉ Aug. 01, 2015 Lehmann Club, Stuttgart

Event details

☉ Aug. 28, 2015 Live from the SWU Bunker (LIVE STREAM)

Event details

☉ Sept. 5, 2015  Kulturfest Löherstraße

Event details 

☉ Sept. 25, 2015 Live from the SWU Bunker (LIVE STREAM)


Event details

☉ Oct. 24, 2015 Launch Date For LAB20/20!

Event details

= = = = = =
 Booking Contact: 

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The Best of Both Worlds: July 31

On July 31 we've booked
"I N F I N I T E  ∞  C I R C U I T " 
to play for our Live stream + Second Life party.

Full Event Details in » English and German.
» » TUNE-IN NOW « «

If your interested in doing a Live Performance or Dj set for us 
follow and contact us via Sonic Warriors United profiles on:

•  •  • 

 Here's a video / recording of his set from April of this year:

I N F I N I T E  ∞  C I R C U I T
"2 hour all original Dark Techno Live set recorded 4-24-15 inside the flaming hot star at
 "Inspire Dance Planet" in Second Life.
Special thanks to Denard Henry for inviting me to play at this special event! 
Set is also on Mixcloud."

The Best of Both Worlds: June 26!

Our guest Dj on June 26 at Inspire Dance Planet is 

Dj Orion!

Full event details in English / German Text » here / hier

Second Life Residents:

☉ Teleport
HERE ☚ to meet us at Inspire Dance Planet.

Sonic Seekers Group A junction point for all underground Second Life Residents.

 Dj Orian Live Music Stream 1pm ~ 3pm (SLT / PST)

 ☉ Dj's Denard Henry / Jana Clemen Live Music Stream 3pm ~ 6pm (SLT / PST)

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The Best of Both Worlds: May 29!

Our guest Dj on May 29 at Inspire Dance Planet is 

Dj Aeryia

Full event details in English / German Text » here/ hier

Second Life Residents:

☉ Teleport
HERE ☚ to meet us at Inspire Dance Planet.

Sonic Seekers Group A junction point for all underground Second Life Residents.

 ☉ Tune-in NOW for your sonic journey.

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Upcoming Gig's in May / Mai:

Upcoming Gig's:
☉ May 3, 2015 Operation:Mindwipe N.Y

 Event details

☉ May 8, 2015 Berlin, DE Eschschloraque

Event details

☉ May 9, 2015 Berlin, Behind the numbers

☉ May 29, 2015 Live from the Sonic Warriors United Bunker

Event details

☉ May 30, 2015 LAB 20/20

Event details

= = = = = =
Open Dates:
June 20 • July 4, 24 • August 8, 22.
Contact: bookingswu@gmail.com

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A     O  N  C  E     I  N     A     L  I  F  E  T  I  M  E     
I  N  D  U  S  T  R  I  A  L     M  U  S  I  C     E  X  P  E  R  I  E  N  C  E

18 different sound artists, on two continents, 3 countries, and 8 U.S. states SIMULTANEOUSLY performing. Featuring: Kim Cascone [Anechoicmedia], Evan Michelson [Obscura NYC], Mark Spybey [Dead Voices On Air], Keiko Uenishi [Share NYC] and Negativeland with 13 other sound/media artists that will remain classified until the Stage 2 event on May 3rd, which will also feature a special video set from Videopunks, a live dj set FROM GERMANY TO BROOKLYN by Dj Denard Henry and more surprises.

[the experiment]

(stage 1) This is a performance laboratory where the audience of 13 people will meet at a gather point, then be taken to a secret location in NYC to experience, while wearing blackout glasses, 45 minutes of sonic stimuli generated by 18 sound artists on two continents, 4 countries, and 8 U.S. states.

(stage 2) The following week they will attend a premier screening event to see a multi-camera production of the previous week's performance, eat tons of good food, excellent drinks [with or without alcohol], an artist meet & greet [featuring special live video set from Videopunks and a dj set LIVE & DIRECT FROM GERMANY TO BROOKLYN by DJ Denard Henry].

Tune-in here
2:30pm (est) • 8:00 pm (cet)
Time converter for other locations!
- - - -
Q&A session will be live streamed via Google Hangouts as well.
Event webpage: www.s6k.com/om
FB event page

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CLUB BARFLY 2.0, 27.Februar!

>>> ESP-BIRTHDAY BASH part.2 <<<
Club Barfly 2.0 Welsleberstraße 45 - 47, 39218 Schönebeck




>> C.H.R.I.S. ( LMC- Köthen, Globelstage ) 3 h Special Vinyl Set


>> BRAUNAARD & KRAMAR ( rüppe mit jemüse )

>> JANA CLEMEN ( Sonic Warriors United )

>> TONY CRUZ ( Esp-Booking, Barfly 2.0 )


>> MARITA SCHRECK ( Sonic Warriors United., Leveltrauma )

>> RDR live vs. ZEROLINE ( exlepäng, undefined lines, electronic routes )

>> SPRAWL ( Sonic Warriors United )

 >> DENARD HENRY ( Sonic Warriors United )


>> LA DÛRAC´ELLE ( Esp-Booking )

>> REPLIKANT ( Esp-Booking, Barfly 2.0 )


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2015 Starters!

I had a good time with family and friends kicking off the New Year correct. 
Hope yours was a good one as well.

Before 2014 ended I was able to get the complete catalogs of 
Cipher Productions and Hematite Records online at Bandcamp...

Cipher Productions on BandcampHematite Records on Bandcamp
...so if your missing any titles you can download them here.
I will be adding more back-catalog and new tracks in the coming months.

º  º  º  º 

In 2014, Sonic Warriors United's Yvonne Ludwig started an interview series 
"inside look to the Art and Soul of SWU" with members of the crew and 
"SWU insights" with Underground Dance Music scene producers/dj's.
More interviews are scheduled for 2015, so keep an eye on the SWU Blog.

 For those that might have missed it, my interview in English and Deutsch can be found here.

º  º  º  º 

First wave of location and live stream events for 2015:

☉ 30 Jan 2015 Live from the SWU Bunker

☉ 27 Feb 2015 Schönebeck, DE Barfly 2.0

☉ 27 Mar 2015 Live from the SWU Bunker

☉ 24 Apr 2015 Live from the SWU Bunker

All access pass to the SWU Bunker Live Stream and start times are here in English and Deutsch.

A fresh start with more on the way...
Thanks for your support!

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More Audio Works On Bandcamp

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