Crate Digging Discoveries: Downlink, Alien Christ and X-Crash

12" Box / Crate Digging ☉ Electronic Music Classics / Future Classics.

We've been getting a good amount of "back catalogue"  

TechnoIDM • Belgian New BeatIndustrialBreaks Drum and Bass Vinyl 

in at Marleen Records lately. I'll be doing a series of "Crate Digging" music posts.

*If your looking to fill missing record label "Catalog Numbers", 

here's today's Techno Vinyl options now in the shop:

Downlink – The Hidden Blueprint (Murmurs Video) ☉ Label: Forever Grey Records - GREY 01

Alien Christ – Of Suns And Moons (Interracial Video) ☉ Label: Planet Core Productions - PCP 009

X-Crash – 303 + 606 + 909 E.P (Sub-concious Overload Video) ☉ Label: Direct Drive - DDR 003

*Marleen Records will also do 'Mail Order' for these titles.

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The Best Of Both Worlds: The SWU Bunker & Inspire Dance Planet

 I've been programming the music for Inspire Dance Planet [ IDP ] in Second Life [ SL ]
 for a few years now, on a mission to bring something special to the Metaverse.
Not just to give you the bang of the electronic music genre, but the beautiful spectrum as a whole.

I've been enjoying this sonic journey and so have some of the SL Residents:

"So i load at inspire at 3am my time, and i get some bad ass greet me tune to make me smile!
^-^ Your music choices are frigging A! Laters den!" - xXFuSe

So I'm extending an invite for you to join us and 
catch the vibe via the SWU Bunker Music Stream here

image by jedda.zenovka
Teleport » directly to the IDP Dance Floor in Second Life.

 Stay connected for unique music events via

the Sonic Seekers Group in Second Life.
Details about our end of the month live Dj sets can be found here
Enjoy the sounds!

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Short Movie Pick: Pivot

When a man is witness to a murder and takes pictures of the killer, he has to run for his life.
During the chase he is able to turn the tables and the prey becomes the hunter.
All resulting in an unfortunate ending.

Pivot from Pivot on Vimeo. 
Sonic Warriors United Movie Shorts Playlist on Vimeo.

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