Kassablanca - Jena - DE - Nov. 3, 2007 / k - Local Sonic Seekers

Bei unserem SWU Tourstop im Kassablanca Club Jena wurden wir mit einem grossartigen Publikum belohnt.

Our SWU Tour Stop in Kassablanca club Jena - Germany was a special one. We got rewarded with a great party crowd.

Escaping the heat!

Spent the day in the SWU Bunker escaping the heat and topping off the "Done List".

A thunder storm rushed in late evening and cooled everything down for our walk, quite refreshing.

Storm clouds to the right moving East.

Off the grid and into the patch.

Had a great weekend with Family. Enjoyed being off the grid for awhile. Got to see thing's from a different perspective. Now I'm ready for all the items on our whiteboard in the coming weeks :-]

August 22 - MONDAYS ADDICTS at Soundlive Club


MONDAY AUGUST 22, 12-4PM SL, SOUNDLIVE.org Techno Nation. 
Addicted to the best TEKNO music, MONDAYS ADDICTS@ We Love Techno.



See you teKno Addicts soon!

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Vinyl Ambulance Live Stream Highlights Pt. 1 and 2

The crew from Vinyl Ambulance
made highlights from our sets on August 12, 2011 for your enjoyment.

Get an earful of the Sonic Journey created by Jana Clemen and I
Your comments are welcomed below

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The show ran for 4 hours from the Sonic Warriors United Bunker

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Tasty and filled with hope

This week was a whirl wind of activity between discovery and adjusting.

Had a great time in Berlin and two major meetings went well related to our project http://www.netvibes.com/sonicwarriorsunited

I really want to revamp my Blog layout. I think the timing is good, I'm ready to post my music and there's a lot of new Blogger temples available as well.

So...here we go!

1stContact: ~SerpentEclipse)

A bunch of samplers which are controlled/triggered like phases of a moon. The vertical 'serpents' create stutter effects. The horizontal 'serpents' control the sequencer(the serpent traverses the orbit into which the moons must enter). In addition, there is a cellular automata matrix sequencer which controls effects' preset-triggering. Effects include a sidechained comp, peaklimiter, filters(lopass,hipass,bandpass,notch), my FFT secretsauce, tempo-synced variable-shape amplitude cutting, and variable ping-pong delays(plus one main output mastering VST plugin option). Fed into the FFT secretsauce(a convolution effect i call RedShift) are a choice of 2 synths to convolve with output from the samplers: one is 'atebyte' which is an 8-bit emulating synth created by Jack A. Perkins and Vlad Spears(modded by me), another is 'noisul8or', a noise-based subtractive synth created by Chris Core

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