Video Vault digging & finding: Collective Behaviour on SuperBra

The song in this video "The Question" is taken from the 3 track 12 inch "Collective Behaviour" Alexi Delano aka A.D.N.Y. and I did for SuperBra: 

A. The Question
B1. Phuture Funk
B2. What Meets The Eye

How fitting, pun intended, to have this come out on SuperBra as it was produced at
Antique Boutique clothing store in N.Y.C.

That's right you read that correct. At the time the clothing store had a full music studio downstairs with class door. Two way viewing for artists and customers alike, with the option to be private of course. It was a very unique way of working. I had a blast working with Alexi and supporting Stefan Riesen to be "Super001" on SuperBra

While giving this a listen, see if you can answer the question below:

Do you know the sample in this track and where it might be from?

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