Getting back into the swing of thing's...

Fresh from our Vacation / Music Tour of the USA, [currently sorting the photos from that and a post will be made], today was the first day for our weekly workout. Felt good to be back into the routine.
We have three really nice jogging paths near us, with various inclines, choices are good. Our schedule is pretty flexible, but firm, three times a week for jogging, mixed with weights and aerobics.

Today was a very beautiful day to get back into the swing of thing's, but something happened
along the way that was unexpected on the route we took on this day.

There was much sun and a nice breeze pushing us along our chosen route today...

Off I go on my walk to meet Jana,
"...The sun is beating down on my baseball hat..." Beastie Boys - Paul Revere

During this time I'm putting my playlist together on my Blackberry Storm 2 for the run,
using a really practical app called Hypoxia [link at the end of post]

There was the meet up...

Then off we go...
focused...nice pace...good tunes...25 min or so into it all...we run into this... of these guys is doing his own thing...

We are far from any main roads,
but nonetheless that's an expensive investment just wondering around all alone... we do the right thing and venture out to find the owners, Jana leading the way...

The owners were found and when speaking with them we've learned,
the one that jumped over and out was indeed the youngest of them all...

...and the breed is called
Welsh Cob.

The Rewards of the day:

A good workout, learned a little something along the way about the beautiful Welsh Cob's from their grateful owners
and you have the opportunity to stay tuned for the photos / back stories / downloads from our visit to the USA of our findings and performances at
QXTS, CrashbeAt, STIMULATE and the special live stream we did from Mindswerve Studios.

Also here's a post I made sometime ago giving some incite to our Life Balance.

As promised here's the link to that Blackberry app Hypoxia

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Anonymous said...

Really nice. And nothing that I could enjoy here that easy *sigh*.

Keep up with the work-out, those old bones need to be in motion ;-)

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