Music Sunday: Dream Sequence

Dream Sequence is a special live event at Inspire Space Park in Second Life
with ambient / experimental music and visuals.

Line-up for Sunday - August 28, Dream Sequence event:

✧ Live performance by Echo Starship aka Amplidyne Effect

✧ Mix set by Dj Denard Henry

✧ Visuals by Mario Helstein

- - - ✧ - - - ✧ - - - ✧ - - -

Start Times: 1pm [SLT • Calif.] • 4pm [NYC] • 10pm [DE] 
(Time zone converter for your area)

Location: Inspire Space Park for Second Life residents.

Music: Player/Stream for non-Second Life residents.

Enjoy the music teasers and feel free to ask any questions 

you may have about getting into Second Life for the live show.

[ Denard Henry: Current Videos, Music▼loads + Events ]

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