Road trip to Stuttgart, Germany

Took a two day trip to Stuttgart very nice excursion and very much needed. Stayed at Hotel Bürkle do look it up when in town. The nite before updated my OS for my phone for a two day Road Test. Results. Made two playlist for the walk/shopping around town and took photo's with Built in Camera.

Ready for the City...
Hang'n out at Schlossplatz, Stuttgart, Christmas Market & Enjoying
warm mug of glühwein /sweet red wine very good this is a tradition around this time of season.
Top & Bottom photos show the Christmas Market.

Playlist for Day one:

Equinox - Pollux - Experimental Volume II

Thomas P. Heckmann - El Hazzared - Techno Body Music

The Klinik - Black Leather

Lassigue Bendthaus - Circulat [Hertz] - Matter

Anthony Rother - Back Home - Techno Body Music

Beroshima - Electronic Discussion - Various - 100% Chartstoffarm

Nin Kuji - Yume no kibun - Nin Kuji-++99

Borghesia - Ohm Sweet Ohm - Trans Slovenia Express

5F_55 - 4769 6D6D 6520 6D6F 7265 (Gimme More) - I

T-Raumschmiere - Querstromzerspaner (LFO RMX) - Techno Body Music

Lassigue Bendthaus - Inured (Pink Elln Mix) - Matter

Crunch-O-Matic - Earthquake.2 - Caution Do Not Play

++99 - Regressive riot - Nin Kuji-++99

David Caretta - Kill your Radio - Techno Body Music

Hilt - Get Out of the Grave, Alan - Call the Ambulance (Before I Hurt Myself)

The House Of Fix - Royal Blood - Hear Me Shine - 21st Century Fix (CD2)

Alec Empire - Electric Bodyrock - Intelligence And Sacrifice CD2

Alec Empire - Two Turntables And A Moog - Intelligence And Sacrifice CD2

Clock DVA - Solaris (Mimetoid) - Collective

Fad Gadget - Newsreel - Fireside Favourites

Fad Gadget - State of the Nation - Fireside Favourites

69 (Carl Craig) - Jam The Box - Lite Music

Meat Beat Manifesto - God O.D. (Part 1) - Storm the Studio

Meat Beat Manifesto - Strap Down (Part 1) - Storm the Studio

Pigface - Nutopia

Speedy J - balk acid - A Shocking Hobby

Speedy J - borax - A Shocking Hobby

A Split-Second - Rigor Mortis [LP Version] - Black Box WaxTrax! The First 13 Years Disc 2 of 3

Doubting Thomas - Father Don't Cry [LP Version] - Black Box WaxTrax! The First 13 Years Disc 2 of 3

VainQuer - Lyot - Tresor 2

X-102 - Mimas - Tresor 2

On the first day Finished off with Lp/12 shopping at Humpty Rec's, found some very nice gems. Felt good to be in a REAL Rec. Store than to order online, oh the good ol'day's.

After the greetings to Daniel & Olli lasted about 1 min. or less, Got hit with the BIG question:
Do you still use records?
For some reason i think people are forgetting that D.j software/hardware is a tool and don't let the software/hardware work you like a
Click here & center square here for why we have TS.

Photos Day Two Stuttgart

Train on left is a local RB & right ICE both German.

The two Fastest Trains in the E.U.
Left German ICE. Right French TGV
Stuttgart to Paris by train TGV in only 3½ hours English, German

3 spots of Graffiti in & Map of Schlossplatz Zone

Closing out day 2 at Fai Sushi

Can anyone give me a total: 2 beer's 6.00 euro sushi total?

Playlist for Day two:

100blumen - Punk was...Ansage - Flowers and Barricades

Modulate - Kommune 1 - Vol.5 Disc 1

ARPANET - No Boundry Condition - INTERTIAL FRAME

Die Fantastischen Vier - Krieger - Aphex Twin Baldhu Remix - live und direkt (direkt)

Acid Jesus - on the couch - Klang

The Kosmik Kommando - Extra Terrestrial Love Affair - Freaquenseize Disc 2


Pornotanz - Cysex - Technotic Effect

Voltage Control - Yatiyana - To an undefined public

Dapayk - niro - dapayk solo devil`s house

RaM - Normal Schoolday - Fundustrial V. 1.0

STAHLSCHLAG - Klanglehre (Screwhead Remix By Stainless.4571) - Fundustrial V. 1.0

Autechre - Yulquen - Amber

B12 - V.C.F. - Redcell : Stasis

B12 - Wastelands (Cektion) - Redcell : Stasis

Cabaret Voltaire - This is Our Religion - Listen Up with Cabaret Voltaire (disc 1)

Cabaret Voltaire - The Message - The Conversation (Disc 1)

Clock DVA - Voice Recognition Test (Cognitive) - Collective

Super Collider - Darn (Dawn of Lidell Mix) - Head On

Delerium - Of the Tribe - Reflections I

Glenn Underground - Tech-na-Logie - Elements of Jazz

Frontline Assembly - Testimony - State Of Mind

HAT - Kubrick - Tokyo - Frankfurt - New York

Intermix - Soviet Lows - Intermix

Chateau Flight & Bertrand Burgalat - Les Antipodes (Mix B1) - Les Antipodes 12"

Sandoz - Higher Than That - Chant to Jah

Up The Rotorbeat - The Gap - The Gap 12"

Exquisite Corpse - Honeymoon - KK Electrip Compilation

Hope And Kirk - Cop Out (LP Version) - BlackBox WaxTrax! Records The First 13 Years - Disc 1 of 3

Super Collider - Take Me Home (Walpole Dub) - Head On

In all rock'n stay in Stuttgart, people are very nice, helpful & beautiful City.
Looking forward to a return visit real soon.

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