Road Testing Blackberry os v4.5.0.81

Well we took the plunge and installed the new OS for BlackBerry® 8310: v4.5.0.81 (Platform, we were running: v4.5.0.69 (Platform prior.

First thing we did was a backup of BB database and performed a backup of third party database.

For this test ran the device all day on one charge and using it as: main music source view Playlist (w/bluetooth stereo headphones), camera, texting, email, internet browsing, GPS & skype. Also running in the background is *memory cleaner .

*How to find Memory Cleaner. Go to >Options>Security Options>Memory Cleaning

The test went well, no problems with installed apps or browser functions. Here are a some photo's shot during the test. Had to restore some activation codes this is normal at times.

Found out that at 12% or so the network shuts down

no sms, BB messenger, calls anything involving your carrier, but the other functions on the phone still work mp3 player, camera, Bluetooth, making email drafts and so on.

Well I'm never really stranded for power i use this as a power backup

Simply insert a 1.5v AA battery in the charger and plug into your phone!
This charger lets you charge your phone's battery with regular AA batteries.

Now we are waiting to make the decision on what device is next for us: Bold or Storm.

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