SWU Bunker Atmosphere

Needing background Music today while updating
HTML, Biography, Discography & other thing's.
At the moment this is the sound filling
the Sonic Warriors United Bunker...

Nice way to end the day.

solipsistic thanks for suggesting such relaxing sounds and answering the call.

So was my day accomplished alot on the todo list.
Thanks to everyone that made a suggestion today via Twitter and Facebook.

Other sounds that swirled around the bunker today
pantha du prince, Andrea Henneberg and
Cocteau Twins.

Hope these sounds work for you as they did for me today.

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Anonymous said...

Great choice! Ambient 4 is my favorite of Eno's Ambient series and a stone-cold classic of the genre. Gotta have to dig this out again...

Denard Henry of S.W.U. said...

I have most of Eno's Ambient releases on Vinyl. Good background work music for sure.

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