#e_d_m for those who know, InSync - Storm

InSync - Storm - Irdial Discs

My first contact with Irdial Discs was the 12" release of
Aqua Regia - Pump Up The LED's To Red, Take Some Drugs And Shake Your Head!

When ever needing to mix up a proper, Underground Mental Lentil,
this release was and still is in the box. When not in the box, I'm always representing with the sticker

Stickers clockwise on the Box

Which Irdial Discs recording is still catching your attention?

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Thanks @justonlyjohn for sharing.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm, Irdial Discs - awesome label, nothing compares to their approach.
In Sync's "Storm" in probably their best known title which is, of course, well deserved.
They indeed had many unique artists and releases that pretty much defined what "taking risks" actually means.

Irdial Discs also introduced Anthony Manning to the world and I'm most thankful for that. Although quite on another boat, his absolutely far-out Ambient and Experimental tracks make him a serious competitor for Aphex Twin.

You still can get a selection of Irdial Discs stuff at Hardwax, since they also seem to be fond of this label.

It's a pity that a lot of people don't dig stuff like this nowadays. And there are also not many labels that have the guts to pull out such a catalog.

6am said...

I'm real close with Akin. We became friends after I left (Adam fired me actually) from Groove. We all know how Adam can be at times.

Regardless Akin sent me a third of the catalogue on vinyl from his collection including this one. In turn I hosted his A212. If anyone wants the entire A212 let me know via twitter and I'd be more than happy to burn them and share.

Check the Manning's. Anthony made some amazing music. He did his own covers to. Very creative guy A. Manning is.

Love Denard, always bro.

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