Keeping Strange Hours with Recoil and Diamanda Galas

When ever I'm faced with late night restlessness, deadlines or just can't seem to draw that line to stop working this song / video comes to mind.

Recoil is a project I've been following for sometime now that blends elements of performance, video and song structure/restructure that keeps me coming back for more.

Recoil is Alan Wilder. He was a member of Depeche Mode from 1982 to 1995.

I know Diamanda Galas for her operatic voice, which has a three and a half octave range. Some of her material is definitely an acquired taste.

I think teaming up with Alan Wilder shows her great range and how Recoil as a project can be appealing in many ways for many people.

This song is from the Album Liquid.

Do you have a Recoil or Diamanda Galas moment?

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Anonymous said...

Yes!!! This is my favorite Recoil album!

I had been introduced to this fantastic Alan Wilder project quite some time ago by a friend who is a huge fan. I bought Liquid straight when it came out and have been stunned by its atmosphere, complexity, richness and perfectness ever since. If such a dramatic album doesn't qualify as "theater of the mind" then I don't know which one would...

It's hard to pick a favorite of this album though since it is a whole that one can't put apart easily. But "Breath Control" keeps springing to my mind at first when I think about it.

This is also one of those releases that are connected with very personal memories, as it marks a disturbing time that I went through back then.

Redim said...

Disturbance..nice tag for a "Recoil-Moment" the moment i am listening through the Selected-remixes...the Strange-Hours version here is my temporary a live-band jamming along to the track; as a result a really dark tune with the unbelievable voice mentioned above, taking unpredictable turns ; that vibe is the most defining feature to me, apart from Recoil as a Ex-Depeche-Project---

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