Robots, Soundscapes, Aliens, Electro & PlatEAU

PlatEAU side project
from Kevin Crompton aka cEvin Key of "Skinny Puppy" Fame.
I'm really liking the direction and sonic feel of this project.
It has all the elements I look for and use in a set to bridge
different levels of "Theater of the mind".
Details for PlatEAU & subconsciousrecords

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm surprised and impressed, sounds like Dopplereffekt on LSD to me ;-) I like it and will have to check out the "Gort Spacebar" album. Btw, just realising that there's also a new Download album ("HElicopTEr")...

Denard Henry said...

:-] nice one! I really like his tweaky way of genre floating. I'll be putting that "HElicopTEr" on my list.

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