Part of the Arsenal: Eventful and Demand it

As an Artist I'm always on the lookout for tools that can assist me with handling regions that are interested in my Music sets and Music Projects.

In comes "Eventful / Demand it" pretty effective site for handling Dates, showing the Cities / Countries of the Fans demanding you to perform in. Plus a small forum for you and your Fan Base to communicate.

It also provides a Performer Dashboard to

* Send messages to your fans
* Check your stats
* Analyze your marketing campaign

[**] Demand it widgets and Schedule widgets helping

* Plan your tour based on Demand
* Let your fans promote you
* Market and pre-sell to your demanders

As a Fan or just wanting to create a Page, you can focus on your Favorite: Events, Demands, Performers and Venues. Getting emails related to your chosen Performers Events in your hometown or for Cities you travel to the most. Pretty neat.

With the help of Twitter and Facebook Pages I've been able to get the word out about my Eventful / Demand it page. On Twitter I'm using the hashtags: #demand_dh , #demanding_sprawl and #demanding_swu for all things "Eventful / Demand it" feel free to Retweet in your network.

In this age of DIY promotion, having the right promotion tools are very important.

I think "Eventful / Demand it" if used regularly with proper social networking etiquette and with your audience understanding / involvement, can be very a effective campaign for getting Promoters, Clubs, Festivals and Open Air Events interested in your project by the show of raw numbers for their area.

Being that I don't have a proper " booking-agency " working on my behalf for my D.j/ Live Sets and Music Project [ If you know of a good one do let me know ] I would like to continue nurturing my page and would like to get some feed back on what you think about the site services:

Do you have a Page at "Eventful / Demand it"?

Do you like the interface of the site?

What would you change about the site?

Are you using the widgets for your Favorite Performers?

What do you like most about the site?

[**] send me links showing me how your using Demand it widgets and Schedule widgets.

Looking forward to your comments, links and ideas.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm sure this is quite useful for artists but as a fan, I'm rather following the artist's blog / facebook / twitter etc. since you get most (or even more) information there anyway.
Nowadays everybody is hanging around at different networks, so it's never easy to have everybody at the same spot.

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