Upgrading the formula

Found the time to move our music library over to the new music only computer. We've had problems in the past with moving large file groups, but found this handy little file transfer called TeraCopy. So spent the evening and some part of the day sorting mp3's and installing software.

[ the 12 skipped files are duplicates from a test run ]

Having a dedicated system for solo music projects [check the right side panel for downloads], dj performance and Sprawl music production will help move things more smoothly in the direction we want now.

We continue to keep the balance between mp3 and 12" vinyl, enjoying both formats and the flexibility it gives us.

Up next, stripping down and building up the computer system the music files came from to be our streaming/recording only system for D R I F T and Live from the SWU Bunker.

Are you running multiple systems to do different music tasks or do you find having one computer system enough for your needs?

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Anonymous said...

Office, music production, games, multimedia - all these are different tasks that have very different requirements towards hardware and the os in use. There's just no such thing like an all-in-one system. This would have to be a error-prone compromise that is out of the question for time critical applications like performing audio.

There's nothing better than a customised & stripped down system for special tasks. If you have enough hard disk space, you can setup a multi-os machine: several operating systems on one computer, managed by a bootloader.

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