Productivity with a Blackberry

When I first bought my Blackberry curve 8310 [ update: Now using Blackberry Storm 2 ] the goal was and still is to keep it simple, email, " I have four accounts pushed to my BB " & productivity with a little fun on the side, for me that's my music and my DVD collection, no games.

I wanted more from my BB today screen so I went with PocketDay Professional here is a look at my start/today screen:


Update to V5.5.0.3/os Base 4.5

on Feb. 18th 2009. UI basically the same, seems to take up a little more screen real estate, I must scroll down for: to do, missed calls & memos, that's o.k. Liking the fact it allows me to switch between my color preference in V5.4.1.6 to complete black background in V5.5.0.3 nice.

With PD you can assign up to 15 Mapped App hot keys, pretty good for quick access.

For Daily Alarms I use BBSmart Alarms Pro. I not only use this for "Alarms", I have one Alarm programmed for my German mp3 lessons triggered for the last 30 min. of our weekly workout.

For Daily reminders ZenMinder it allows me to set up all my reminders and alerts without having them added to my BlackBerry calendar. Keeping my calendar uncluttered with just the important information I need to focus on.

During our weekly workout to be sure we are spending the allotted time for jogging I have go time it, this is set for the total jogging workout time and has a nice function, Alarm Interval, so i have a tone /vibrate to go off at 20 min into the workout, to kind of have a mark to how we are progressing during our route, setting land marks on the way, also tone /vibrate for when we've completed our jogging time.

I use Google Sync to sync / share
His/Her Calenders + Sonic Warriors United Shows.

When multitasking sometimes you hate to leave a program to delete or just see who the incoming e-mail is from. I've installed a nice little app called peekawho it helps me keep my inbox clean & if something needs my attention i can jump to it from the pop up that it provides.

MessageScheduler mainly for posting *monthly emails a very handy app. * but if you do a battery pull, you have to reset the schedule for your posts.

When on the road i use
IM+ for Skype
mainly for chat at the moment, waiting for a BlackBerry with a function to do hand over calls over Wifi for the call function in this app.

Daily Blogging / Micro Blogging:

I'm using Blogger's email function to upload drafts of new blogs.

For Twitter I use Socialscope & TwitPic for photos within Twitter.

When I want to take photos off my Blackberry after a long weekend and away from the Pc + organizing them from my BB in our online photostream / sets I use Flickr for BlackBerry

Here is something I've recently started to enjoy, taking screen shots of my BlackBerry with CaptureIt. Here are some of my examples: Road Testing Blackberry OS here and for sharing on TwitPic Capture 1, TwitPic Capture 2.

So, this is how I get thing's done, I would like to hear from you on what you think and what's on your Blackberry, leave a comment, till then take care.

Listening to: 5F-X - C12H22O11 Oxygen

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