A few weeks back i was listening to National Public Radios Program: Science Friday, about the Cern-LHC, the world's largest particle physics laboratory, situated in the northwest suburbs of Geneva on the Franco-Swiss border, established in 1954 and how a Magnet Meltdown happened and delaying the project by a year.

Well, with any group project sometimes delays happen, but with good team work and focus on what the problems are, these delays are what bring out the best in the group, to focus and keep the project on course.

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Now what does Cern-LHC have to do with music you ask, well the subject itself is amazing and a project that has twenty European member states, and is currently the workplace of approximately 2600 full-time employees, as well as some 7931 scientists and engineers (representing 500 universities and 80 nationalities).

Robert Henke of Monolake has put together a nice Sonic Signature dedicate to the Cern-LHC Project.

I really love the textures and the openness of this track. I looped the 7 min. titled song: Cern-LHC, you can download it from: Free Track of the Month [October 2008] here, to the 1:19:00 min. Stockshot HD 2008 video, that's just the way i am.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

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