Studio Snacks, What's in the Bag?

Just received a nice supply of Walkers Chips. I've read it's best if you are working stationary, not to eat from a garbage bag size of chip/snacks, but to have your snacks in small portions.

So we are sorting this HUGE 28 Flavor bag of Walkers chips and rationing them between us. We ♥ the Prawn Cocktail assortment.

Just to give you the scale, that's The Jackofficers - Digital Dump Cd, Electronic Project that features: Gibby Haynes/
Jeffrey Pinkus of Butthole Surfers.

The Jackofficers is one of the Hundreds of Cd's i brought back with me this past summer, after buying Traktor Scratch
for the S.W.U. Tour. Still need to get the rest of my Cd collection from storage & convert them to Mp3 format, so many Cd's, HUGE task!

When flipping the Cd open i see I've marked, 5 trax out of 11, i played very often back in the day.

For my Radio show on WPRB 103.3 "The Metal Machine Music Show", it was tracks:

1. Love-O-Maniac

6. Swingers Club

9. Don't Touch That

For the Clubs it was tracks:

5. Do it.

8. #6

Re-listening to the Cd, It has the feel of Tack Head
with Butthole Surfers flavor, crazy fitting samples with Electronic twang.

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