Life Balance

Three (x) a week Jana Clemen & I workout to stay fit for our long weekends & Sonic Warriors United Show Schedule and to make the best of it
we bring along our

[**] BlackBerry Curve 8310 Image Hosted by

w/Bluetooth Stereo Headset (A2DP) function and our Motorola S9 Stereo headset's Image Hosted by for music and the occasional phone call while working out or in case an emergency call for a taxi if needed ;-)

[**] upgraded to BlackBerry 9520 Storm 2 and applying the same routine.

The playlist function in the Blackberry works very well, but it was not always like that, when we first bought the 8310 it came shipped with OS v4.1 and didn't have the function for playlist, so a third party music player w/playlist was needed, we waited. We didn't have to wait long before a OS update was released " Rock'n OS now"and the playlist function was added along with other features.

The playlist function is very important to us because we are able to probe selected bought Mp3's & ripped copies of our large Cd collection [ small example here ] to Mp3 format, for our Traktor
Scratch Dj program

Image Hosted by which we use in our performance along with 12" records.

Yes we are that breed of Dj's that adapted the technology & haven't abandon the 12" vinyl market.

We edit the Traktor Scratch folder on our Blackberries during and/or after our run, then copy the tracks to the Laptop Traktor Scratch folder and we're ready with electronic classics & new releases.

We try to take advantage of the little time we have to be as productive as possible. With all the little thing's life can throw at you during the week, sometimes you just don't have the time to troll through 12"s and Mp3's at the same time for a gig, so with the above items it makes this more of a joy to stay fit and on top of our game.

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